Tractor Supply Days

By October 27th, 2018Events

Come and see us on the first Saturdays of each month at Tractor Supply!

WHY? FETC uses many products that Tractor supply sells for our horses and other therapeutic livestock.

On the first and third Saturday of each month TSC allows us to come inside the store and do a product fundraiser.


Here’s how,  just come and see us at TSC ( of course get a hug from Higbee while you’re here) visit our table and pick up a “purchase card” for any of the products we have displayed. Take the card to the register when you check out. The clerk will charge you for that product and take the card to give us to shop with. Sometimes we have 10% discount coupons to give away to anyone who uses a purchase card and buys FETC a product. It’s win win! You win because it is a tax deductible in-kind donation to us and you are doing a wonderful thing to help the horses and other animals who help the kids, we win because it helps us reduce our cost and TSC wins because they sell their products.

You don’t have to wait for a purchase card day to help though. You can purchase the product and come visit us when you drop it off at the farm. It’s a great reason to stop by and see where your donation dollars go!