Bonnie Rachael – Founder and CEO of Faith Equestrian Therapeutic Center inc.

By September 20th, 2017Events
My name is Veronica Rachael, but I go by my nickname of Bonnie. I have 40+ years experience in the field of training horses and instructing. I fell in love with horses at age 6, got my first horse when I was 17 yrs old. He taught me so much about horses and myself. I joined the Savannah Police Department in 1992 at age 36 to serve my community and became a mounted police officer in 1994, and retired from police work in 2006. I always felt in my heart I had a calling to help people but didn’t realize what until God presented it to me in church one day. As I was cleaning up after services I happen to see a magazine article sitting on a chair about a therapeutic riding center in South Carolina. Right then I could feel God touch my heart with excitement, “this is what I want you to do” I could hear him say in my heart, I listened and FETC was born. That was 2005 and now in 2013 Faith Equestrian Therapeutic Center is a thriving center for children and adults with all types of physical and mental and emotional barriers. I didn’t do this alone, first and foremost this is God’s project, he has sent a dedicated group of volunteers over the years who have worked hard to make Faith grow – the rest of the story is still being written! I hope one day to step back and see it embraced totally by the community for the community with God’s continued blessing!
Certifications and training
Certified Mounted Police Instructor – Southern police institute- University of Louisville 10-00;  40 years experience in training horses and riding instruction; CHA (Certified Horsemanship Association) level 4 English  and level 2 Western certified riding instructor. Registered PATH instructor; certified (EMHL) Equine Mental Health and learning specialist.