Help us Help Children with Special Needs

There are several ways to give. Sponsor a horse or child or give a one-time donation. Every little bit helps us to improve the lives of more individuals with disabilities!

One-time Donation

Child Sponsorships

Horse Sponsorships

Please consider adopting a Horse which will contribute to its daily needs, including food, hay, care and other expenses. You will be given a plaque with a name of your choice beside your horse’s stall, a custom stuffed horse and your name on our website as one of our horse sponsors.

If you are interested in more information about sponsoring a horse, please click one of the links below!

The Caring Hearts sponsor helps to pay for one of our horses’ hoof care needs and you will be provided with a special plaque if you choose to sponsor a horse at $100 per month.

Consider helping take care of the veterinary needs of our horses at $50 per month. This amount will provide medical expenses of our horses, including vaccinations, medications or other medical needs. Your support helps us to keep these wonderful working horses in top health for the individuals they serve.

Used Item Donations

We love getting used horse items and clothing for our used tack shop. We will go through the donated items and what we cannot use, we can put in our used tack store. We also take items to an auction once or twice a year so even well used items can be sold!

Donation receipts can be emailed upon receipt of items.

  • Saddles
  • Bridles
  • Riding apparel (boots, breeches, show clothes, gloves, etc.)
  • Blankets
  • Any other leather items

Wishlist Items

  1. Plain white copy paper
  2. Laminating pouches
  3. Manilla folders
  4. Small dry erase boards
  5. Educational items for lessons (Mr. Potato Head set, plastic food, activity books, big lego blocks, small calculators, puzzles with large pieces-there are some at teachright in Rincon)

Tablets/I-pads-used or new

Truck (used or new to pull trailer)

1. Rakes and pitchforks (apple pickers plastic pitch forks) at tractor Supply (another thing Gift cards to tractor supply can help with)

2. Nice garden hoses

3. Wheelbarrows

  1. Paper Towels
  2. Toilet Paper
  3. Bleach
  4. Liquid clothes detergent
  5. 409 cleaner
  6. Lysol spray
  7. Swiffer® mop refills
  8. Household type broom (not push-broom) and dust pan

(from Tractor Supply, Rincon GA):

1. Purina Ultium, about $24 for a 50-lb. bag, Purina Equine Senior (about $22.50 a bag)

2. Horse and Pony fly spray by the gallon, runs about $42.00

3. Gift cards for any amount from Tractor Supply (located in Rincon). Gift cards are great because all needs like hoof supplements, fly sprays, buckets, etc. can be purchased with these.

Living Legacy

You can leave a lasting impact on Faith Equestrian through your special gift in honor of a special loved one or to make your own generous planned gift. For more information about this opportunity, please contact us at for more details.